Wo-Stock is this weekend guys! Check out the band schedule posted on the site and be sure to pick up your tickets and shirts! Reminder that day pass tickets will be available at the door both nights. Wo-Stock merch and a bunch of the band’s merch will also be available, so be sure to support your favorite bands and pick up some sweet things!


The band application is closed and we will be putting together a schedule for everyone soon. Looking forward to seeing everyone in March!


The band application will be coming down tonight at midnight! Get your last minute applications in people!


We have extended the band application deadline! The new deadline is now 1/31/16! Get your apps in and help us fill up the last few available spots.


The band application will be closing in 5 days (1/17/16)! So get your application in fast before the deadline if you would like your band to play at Wo-Stock!


The WO-Stock band application is now up! Bands, fill it out fast to secure a spot for this year. Merry Christmas to you all!


Band applications will be opening up late this month (December), and will be open for about a month. Get your applications in fast as spots for the line up will be limited to roughly 30 spots for the two night, two stage event.