Band Application


We have already received the maximum number of applicants for this year. You may submit an application for consideration if a band drops out last minute, but a spot in the lineup will not be guaranteed.  


Below is this year’s band application. Please complete the application to the best of your ability and be as thorough as possible. The more information provided the better. Also, we will be accepting any audio files through if no links to your music sample is available.

We will be limiting the number of acts to 30 this year.

Note: Seniority is taken into account, however CTEE gives as many new bands a chance to perform as possible.

*Applications will stop being accepted on 2/28/2018*

Bands will be notified of their acceptance promptly after an application’s submission.

Download this form if you need an example of what we expect on the input list. This list is used by our sound crew and will speed up the setup of your equipment on stage. Download: WO-Stock sample input list

2 thoughts on “Band Application

  1. Love what you guys do! The environment is incredible. I love going, I love playing, I wish there’d be more than one WOSTOCK a year, but then it wouldn’t be as special. 🙂

  2. We are always happy to perform for this event! We really hope we will be able too again! Thanks for everything! We would like to see if we could perform in the gym this year, if we are able to perform at wostock 2013. If not, that’s ok, it just been a goal of ours for many years to try and get a set in the gym. Thank you! Sike Yo Mind

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