About CTEE

We are the Cultural Technological Environmental Exchange. The CTEE is a non-profit organization based at West Ottawa High School in Holland, Michigan under the direction of Mr. Mike Jaeger.

Founded in 1996, the organization offered high school students opportunities to get involved in their local and global community through a variety of projects and activities. Just a few of our annual events include:

  • Cans-Can Food Drive
  • Stuff-The-Bus Food Drive
  • Snowball (Winter Formal)
  • WOStock Music Festival

All of the events we host raise funds for our computer shipments to the Republic of Cameroon.

Mission: Cameroon

944811_10202918695112232_1910907275_nDuring our time abroad, we have the ability to experience West African culture through direct immersion. We participate in Peace Corps Agroforestry projects, provide health care
equipment and supplies, and support of various environmental organizations.

However, our main purpose for travel is to install educational technology in Cameroonian schools. Throughout the year, CTEE receives donated computers from the surrounding area. We clean, wipe, update, and ship these computers abroad to be installed later upon our arrival.